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09 April 2006 @ 08:25 am
Oooooooh.... (wonder and amazement)  
Right, I haven't updated for a while, naughty me. The reason I haven't well I don't understand myself. Anyway, yesterday was Mum's birthday, so the day was supposed to be completely for her. Her day. If you ask me it's her day every other day. "I hardly ever get Saturdays off, and the ones I do have you're all spoiling by existing" Pah, anyway, yesterday was her birthday. So after dishing out prezzys and winning one pound twelve on the national (Clan Royal! Woooo) Sprog was on the computer. I wanted to check and see if Clairey was online to arrange this footy thing (I still need to choose a side. Hollyoaks or Corrie?) so sprog tried to trip me up, failed miserable so I kicked his foot out of the way. Dad, seeing this decided to hit me. Anyway, so I get online, am speaking to Claire and Dad's trying to hurry me up. "Are you finished yet? Come on, hurry up!" Then he decided I was ignoring him so turned the computer off, grabbbed me by the neck and gave me a shove. I fell into the door. Then I was expected, after all of this to go out for a meal to 'celebrate'. Then all hell broke loose. Everyone was crying and no-one wanted to go for this stupid meal.

Then we went anyway, 'putting it behind us'. Dad made his usual "I'm going to try hard not to lose my temper with you, and you have to try and not give me as much attitude yeh?" Pah, I know next time there's an argument he'll hit me. It's not exactly rocket science. Anyway, so I came to the conclusion that because it was 'Mum's day' I'd pretend that his weak apology meant something and we'd all sit round a table with false grins painted in stage make-up on our faces. Pah, but I forgot one thing. Whilst we were sat eating a limo pulled up outside. I came out with some comment along the lines of "It's no-one interesting. No-one interesting ever comes around here." And then we all remembered that the Hollyoaks cast and Coronation Street cast were due to be clubbing down the road from where we were eating. I spent the rest of the meal staring out of the window looking out for people...and you know who I saw?! Sarah Dunn, AKA Mandy from Hollyoaks.

Now I can't wait to go to the match today....if only I could figure out what to wear
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