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27 April 2006 @ 12:52 am
Four weddings and a grope-age  
Had the Kaiser Chief concert tonight. Fran kindly met me from the station, so I was very happy, as that meant we didnt get lost...OK too lost! =P Then we walked, I say walked I was skipping, dancing, singing and running whilst making up my own words to Kaiser Chief's tune... "Ooooh, my name is Verity, being with me is quite scary. Winnie the pooh is a beary, Tinkerbell is a fairy..." Anyway, so we arrived, and queued up for a little while, then went in. Anyway, so we were all relatively close to the front. (All being me, Fran, her brother and his friend) Pah... and then this chinese band came out, and they looked like a cross between Hair bear Bunch and Power Rangers. Fran liked them though. Oooooooh but THE most amazing thing. There were balloons! The balloons were crowd-surfing!!

Hmmm, then Graham Cox came on and did his set. He's one of my husbands. I married him. I fell in love with him and married him. Yay! Then after his set we had a long break so me and Russ went to get water for everyone, which meant squeezing through the crowd, which proved difficult. We ended up surrounded by big beefy men who tried to push us out of the way. Then we got seperated, leaving me on my own. I tried ringing my phone but no-one picked up (I'd given my phone to one of the gang to look after) Then I rang home, all from this very kind woman's phone. She was lovely. Anyway, I didnt find the gang again. BUT, I went inside again and I ended up stood next to this really tall guy who had not just been seperated from his friends like me, but had also lost a shoe. Hmmm, so we ended up standing dancing together. Twas great fun. And he pushed me into a big gap where there were no people, and made sure I had the perfect view. Then, he gave me another shove in a different direction, and I ended up a couple of metres away from where Frontman Ricky Wilson was stood singing. Then after the song he pushed through the crowd, walked straight past me, so I basically reached out a hand and touched him. I TOUCHED RICKY WILSON!!

Kaisers were fantastic though, and however broken and battered we all got it was a great atmosphere, and great fun.

Right.... I'm off to bed now before I die of lack-of-sleep. Night xxx
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Biddallfransta_oddbean on April 27th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)
Such, an awesome night!!

Thanks so much for coming, sorry Iw asn't as hyped as you up to the NIA but I was really tired and hormol that day anyway *roll eyes*

And I agree, however battered and bruised we got I still had soooo much fun, dead jealous that you groped Ricky, but het x]
Biddallfransta_oddbean on April 28th, 2006 02:04 pm (UTC)
VERITY!!! I've just realised you have no mention of the Kaiser's or Graham Coxon, or Ricky Wilson in youtr interests list =O

Get them on there now Missy!! xD

Luff ya xxxx
Laurensugarwren on April 30th, 2006 11:19 am (UTC)
See, you clain he's your husband, but it's a shame you don't know his name. It's CoxON. Blasphemous!