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08 May 2006 @ 05:17 pm
OK so Emilie asked me nicely to write a story about rabbits. Here goes…

There was once a nice little bunny called Rosita. Now Rosita really was a nice little bunny, but she tended to get too caught up on guys. She found herself accidentally in love with a rabbit called Ronnie. Ronnie rabbit was a bad rabbit though. He was forever getting with the lady rabbits and using them, or hurting them, or going off with their best friends (rabbits of course) AND yet. Rosita still loved him. She couldn’t help it. She wasn’t sure whether it was his confidence, the complexity of him, his sense of humour or even just the way he looked which drew her to him. All she knew was that he had something no other rabbit possessed, the ability to make Rosita like putty or a puppet, and he was the master. Ronnie had also been with Rhada rabbit for a while. They were forever splitting up but he’d always beg her to take him back, even using emotional blackmail to force her to. Ronnie liked to flirt. A lot. He especially liked flirting with Rosita rabbit who he was aware liked him, but as to what extent he would never know.

But Ronnie wasn’t the only rabbit for Rosita, although he was her master, and she the puppet. Rosita also liked Roger rabbit. Now Roger rabbit had been a close friend of Rosita’s for a long long time and she enjoyed talking to him. She felt she could tell him anything. Then one day, they visited Bunnyville and, sat on a loveboat which ducked under a pretty bridge, they became a little more than friends, but only a little.

Then Rosita was confused. What was she to do? She liked both of these rabbits, and couldn’t choose. She was drawn to one path, but the big juicy carrot lied down the other one. She felt she couldn’t win.

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