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21 May 2006 @ 01:51 pm
Cardiff is a place, where anything can happen, even sniffing David’s groin  
Righto…I think testament to yesterday I need a very long and waffly entry, so forgive me if you find this boring. To me it won’t be, because it was all very funny. Hmmm… So I got up early and caught the train. I had to switch at Hereford and was scared, but luckily my friends Mary and Tina who like to eat food guided me towards where my train was. Anyway, so I was stood at the platform and some guy came over to me, a guy I didn’t know, and asked me if I was going to Newport. I gave as brief an answer as is possible, but he carried on trying to speak to me. Anyway, a long twenty minutes later the train came. I was free of scary man! OR SO I THOUGHT. He followed me all the way along the train and sat opposite me. So I was sat with him and two Irish women around a table. The Irish women were lovely though. Then the scary guy got off, and this other guy sat down. He was Irish, ginger and fat…and spat when he talked. SCARY XD he said that he hated the English, and said some very rude things about us Englishons, before I turned to him and said “hey, I’m from England.” Mwahaha, he soon shut up then!

Tee hee, then I finally got off the train, and whilst being ambushed by a swarm of red (People in red rugby shirts supporting Munsters) I tried to spot Krissy. That was scary. I’d only seen a couple of pictures, and the more I tried to think of what she looked like the less I remembered. Tee hee. Then I saw someone around my age, leant against a barrier thingy, holding a rainbow bag and wearing cons and I immediately thought “KRISSY!”

Tee hee, then we found Fran, suffocated her in a group huggle and caught the bus to Cardiffff bay. (After Krissy had demolished a banana, splattered us all in the remains and then chucked the peel away in a home-like fashion-as in her home, the Chav! Tee hee) We went to the random placey thing, and we went into a mini exhibition thingy and made a willy out of random stick-on paddy spot things. Okay, so I started that, but it was Krissy’s idea!!! Then we hugged some poles and went to the Dr Who Exhibition.

The Dr Who exhibition was funny. We did a quiz and got 13/14…and it was Fran’s fault we got that one wrong! Fancy not knowing the Dr Who magazine back to front!!! And we got branded Dr Who fanatics and given funky bracelets. (Okay, they were strips of paper so we could get back in, but they rawked!) Ummm, and I sniffed David Ten-Inch’s PJs! Yay! Then Fran made the HUGE mistake of buying a David T figurine. We spent the rest of the day fighting over David. Tee hee. David had lots of fun. He did the Y.M.C.A with our help, went on a bus, swam in a fountain, flew in a government building, sat in the BB diary room chair, walked in Cardiff bay and had his groin sniffed! XD I think it’s quite safe to say we shouldn’t mention that much!

Weeeee and we went into the new government building. We had to go through security. I got in fine, but Fran’s bag had to be checked, and Krissy had to be searched, because her belt made it go off, the silly sausage! Krissy also shoved David into her bag, and whilst going through they saw him, and the manny said “Who still plays with Dollys?” and we all giggled. Tee hee, then we sat in the government building, but my balloon popped slightly and it sounded like a gun going off and everyone got really scared. I’m surprised we didn’t have people hiding under tables. Then there was a groovy Dr Who-esque lift to get down onto the first floor… But Fran and Krissy couldn’t work out how to do it. Krissy asked it nicely. She said “Lift…can you come here please?” Then I used my super intelligent powers to press a button and get the lift to come! Tee hee. So we got in the lift, then we had to go through these amazingly cool barrier things. But I wanted to go back through, just to see them work again because they looked like magic… and the alarm went BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ so we ran out the GOVERNMENT building giggling. It was a little scary! Then we took some photos and tried to get the bus back to Cardiff town… But we ended up somehow going round twice, which was clever! Tee hee. Then we decided to get some chips, but the man thought we were French and was rambling at us in French. Twas tres amusant! OOH, then I spotted a lady who may well have been THE Lilia Copilova! I just squealed, but didn’t want to run after her and scare her.

So we ate our chips and then Fransta had to go, so me and Krissy went to Forbidden Planet on our own. There were lots more David-esque things. Ooooooh….I forgot to mention the relevance of the number seven million! Ah well! That was the number of the day anyhoo… Then we had to get our trains. I ended up sat alone on the way to Hereford. Then at Hereford I met some lads who were in their twenties, which was fun! They were Munsters fans, so were slightly tipsy. A sat with them all the way back to Worcester, and then because my train was early, I went to the pub with them. It was very funny. They were offering me vodka. Tee hee!

Anyway, that was Cardiff. I just want to say thanks to fransta_oddbean and jiggery_pokery of which I love lots for a fantastically fun day! Ooooh and one last thing…. David’s groin smells of plastic!

Verity. xxx

P.S I am David Ten-Inch who signed the book in the exhibition. |I mentioned sniffing of pyjamas… whoops.
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Laurensugarwren on May 21st, 2006 08:49 pm (UTC)
OMG! Wowza! Best YMCA ever!

L xxx