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08 August 2006 @ 01:24 am
Today is gonna be the day that you're gonna throw it back to you  
Over the weekend we went to London. Arrived at Nan and Grandads at 2, then we all went out for a meal at 7:30. We went to this gorgeous sea food restaurant, very expensive too. My Father's main course alone was £50. It was all delicious. And, over the course of the dinner my Nan, Grandad and Aunt decided we should all go to Egypt together next year. They plan to take me snorkalling, sailing, scuba diving ect. ect. Being a water baby, I'm gonna love it!

Then Sunday we went to Brighton to see my other Grandad, and his partner of 14 years. I was a bit nervous. I have only spoken to Lizzie once in this 14 years, and once she'd introduced herself she ignored me, even as I asked how she was ect. I needn't have been nervous. We all got along fine. Lizzie's really nice if you give her a chance, and she took a shine to us too. She gave us some money each. We all took a stroll down to Brighton Pier. I didn't manage to find "MunchBox" though.

Then, we left to come home, and stopped off at Oxford services. As we pulled in, a pink limo pulled in front of the car we were behind. Jokingly I said to my brother "Look, it's Chantelle's limo" as in Chantelle, the essex girl Big Brother winner. On her dating show she drives around in a pink limo. Then, the car in front of us moved, and I saw the reg. plate. As it turned out, it actually WAS Chantelle's limo. MIS PNK being the reg. plate. I walked over to the limo once both of our cars had parked and the driver was filling it up with petrol. Then I took a picture of the license plate...which he charged me a kiss for.

Hmmm, then I woke up this morning, and watched my daily installment of Shipwrecked. By the time I got down the stairs, tension from yesterday had not been lifted (we had a huge row) so my Mum basically spent about an hour, before I'd said a word telling me what an evil bitch I am and how shit her life is. She believes she's the only one that hurts. There's only so many times you can have the same insults thrown at you before you start to really believe them. It tears me apart. Sometimes I can feel really confident, if I'm with my friends or something... other times I feel like curling up so tight that I might just disappear.

Then me and John went up the park with my Mum's friend's children. I ended up smashed in the face by the ball.

Tomorrow we're taking Aidan (my nephew) to a cute farm. I can't wait.

Another thing. Do you ever suddenly realise you have to completely let go of something or someone? I had one of those moments today. Pfft. And away we go.

Some people are too serious to do casual. They should work that out, and work out that casual is all that's happening before they get hurt.
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