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23 October 2006 @ 01:16 am
Hate me today. Hate me tomorrow.  
Why hello there girlies.

Firstly, how are you all? Good? That's alright then!

Secondly, Ruben.... he's split with Alex, as you know. Thing is, he's decided he wants Izzy again, and he and Izzy are together. You know what? If I was to say one person he definitely SHOULDNT be with, it'd be her. She hurts him so much and so often and he comes right back for more. Stupid stupid boy!

Thirdly, I go to Wales tomorrow with the school. Excited yes... packed, No. No?! ARGHHHHHHHHHH Also, thanks to me being in Wales...

Stephy, I love you honey. I'm taking my phone with me. If ye need me for any reason, you've got my number and I love you my precious girly! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hehe Bye for now everyone xx
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pizza_eater_galpizza_eater_gal on October 23rd, 2006 07:41 pm (UTC)
Day one without Verity...and life already seems to suck a little more :( aww hun i hope you have a great time in Wales, i am sick with envy and am dissapointed the train didnt stop by Watford today! teehee...Love ya, am gonna go post a missing yew entry on your bebo - maybe a whiteboard :D

Love ya my lil princess (and i echoe your statement about ruben *stupid, stupid boy* *high fives Verity* so totally true!

Stephy xxx