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01 November 2006 @ 11:58 am
Hate me today. Hate me tomorrow. Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you.  
OK. I got back from Wales on Saturday. The trip was fantastic. I was a tad scared actually, because I was not overly close to anyone going on the trip. Helena, Lucy and I got talking a bit at the station and I assumed I'd be put in a room with them. But I wasn't. They were taken to a bit of the complex just offf from the main building and I was shoved in a room with two girls from Bewdley, who later would become good friends of mine.
After unpacking our bags we played hide and seek and Faith came and introduced herself to me. We became close automatically. Then later we all went down to the beach, which was great even if we missed the sunset and got completely plastered in mud. On the way back from the beach I started speaking to a guy called Reiss- for a few minutes before I returned to Faith.
Throughout the week I wrote so much poetry and prose, made some great friends, had some great times with Reiss and made an impression on fantastically cool Gerard Benson, the poet. It was such a great week and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Skived the day off school on Monday. I pretended I was sick so I got the day off, then made a miraculous recovery in time to escort Mum to the hospital. She had to have some tests done because she has a lump and they reckon she may have Breast cancer. Now comes the waiting game. We get the test results back on Friday. For now though, I think none of us want to admit just how scared we are. Especially after Dad leaving, we can't take much more.

Christmas soon. Am quite looking forward to it actually. Already I'm singing "Santa Baby" a hell of a lot of the time and planning what I may get people for Christmas.

I have "Hate Me- Blue October" in my head. It's the most gorgeous song and my Ruben performed it in assembley. It was fantastical!!
He's back with Izzy, that you know. But once again, after a mere week he's back to flirting and being suggestive with me. It didn't take him long at all. If he keeps saying he wants me, then why when he's single, does it not happen between me and him? I really don't get it. I really want to know where I stand, but I guess I never will. I can't ask. I'm far too scared of losing him.

Shami came down my house last night. We were just decorating her folder but it was good fun. hehe And we've sorted out the webcam too, so now I can be seen whilst talking.

Oooooooh and lastly, I have a HUGE crush on John Barrowman. He's so hot! Why on Earth does he have to be as gay as a picnic basket at a Christmas party held by Elton John and George Michael in lycra?
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