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"Your girl is lovely Hubble"
So, yesterday... Yesterday was overall a good day. It was within the first few minutes of school that I became really happy. It's surprising how a face can make you happy, even a face without words. School was good. Me and the girls sat on the grass to eat-anything to avoid the lads. All would be fine but they're so annoying, so immature.

However, I miss Izzy (My Izzy-not that Izzy) Where is she? I haven't spoken to her for about a month and although it might sound stupid I really miss her.

Anyway, I'm in school right now, sat in an IT room. I've just had rehearsal for the spring concert which is tonight. We're performing two songs from the musical (Return To The Forbidden Planet) and what should they choose but Mr. Spaceman, my solo. We're also performing Great Balls Of Fire, which is good as it's an explosive song with so much energy. But, it's not the actual rehearsing that's important. Ruben. He hardly spoke to me. Why is it all so complicated? Why's it so difficult? Yes I like him, a hell of a lot, but it doesn't mean things have to be so awkward. We were friends back then. Why can't we go back to that?

I love every little thing about him, flaws as well. I love the person I am when I'm with him. I love the smile that lights up on my face as soon as he walks in the room. I love that fluttering of my heart when he brushes past me. I love his smell. It's the kind of smell you can just sit with all day and never become immune to, not that you'd want to. I love the way his eyes explode when he sees you after a little while. I love the way his arms close round you when he hugs. I love his voice. I love his confidence. I love just how great he is. I love his humour. I love him
"Your girl is lovely Hubble"
03 April 2006 @ 08:32 pm
Wow, things are randomly on a high. I don't know how to explain it, but today's just been a really happy day. I've sorted things out with Mads (BITCH) and Ruben and I are talking, and it's quite sunny today, and I'm wearing a red polka dot top, which makes me smile. I know I should be doing homework right now but I'm just on such a high.

Percussion workshop tomorrow with Status Quo drummer. Should be a laugh.

Oooooh and a speshal Hello to Lozza, Fransta, JD and my lovely lickle Stephy of which I lost and found YET AGAIN!
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"Your girl is lovely Hubble"
02 April 2006 @ 01:33 pm
London was actually good fun. We arrived at the hotel. It was a really sweet room actually, designed for two people obviously (mirrors all around and a huge four poster bed,) but they shoved a couple more beds in there for me and sprog, so all was good. So we turned up at the party, (all dressed in red, how sad- My Grandparents' Ruby Wedding anniversary) Then everyone started arriving, AKA, friends..............and cousins. You may realise that I seperated them by quite a bit. That's because at every single party it ends up with an us and them thing. Pah, but they're all so boring. They get drunk and talk about the weather. Us lot don't even need the drink and we're up dancing all night. =P

My Nan was introducing me to all of her friends and everyone, and it was always the same speech. "Hi. This is my Grand-daughter. Her name's Verity. Verity this is __________. Verity was in a play last week, she was a lead and she sang and..." I just sat there getting very embarrassed but loving the fact that my Nan who told me acting would get me no-where is proud of me. =D

Ooooooooooh...shall I watch the EE omnibus? Yeh, I'll shove that on. My bootiful Sawah Phelps wrote TWO episodes this week. it's like waiting for buses. Youdon't have one since the 1st of January, and then you get two in one week! =)

BUT, if I do that then I canneh listen to Nature's Law... I really do love that song. =D
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"Your girl is lovely Hubble"
31 March 2006 @ 06:56 pm
Well, here I am. Okay, this feels really strange and I don't know what to say- so excuse my rambling. I saw Mads today. She gave me a completely false smile. I so wanted to scratch her eyes out then and there, because of course I'm not an agressive person. =D I'm trying to be nice to her, for Ruben's sake. I know it's awkward for him if we argue. But she just seems to have destroyed what little relationship me and him had and now, well I just don't know what to do. So I ignored her. Good idea? He ignored me earlier too, walked into a room I was in, went around hugging everyone else. I said Hello and he didn't reply. It's so strange. Now with rumours going around about us two being an item (NOT true) he probably won't talk to me again.

Ever have those days where you just feel really lonely? It doesn't matter how many people you're surrounded by, you just still feel lonely? That's how today's been. It's like, my friends have been so sweet today, and I found out that I get to perform my solo again in a few days, and also jam with the drummer from Status Quo, and yet I'm still not happy. I sound spoilt huh? I just don't know what to do.

Also, we have the big London, family, party tomorrow...Oh the joy! It could work either way. It'll be really good or really boring. My bet's on the latter.

Wow... I'm usually an optimist!
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